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Non Steered Roaming SIM

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Non Steered Roaming SIM

What is the difference between a steered SIM card and a non steered roaming SIM (un-steered)?

unsteered roaming sim card

A steered mobile SIM card in IoT Deployments connects to a certain network regardless of network signal strength, where an un-steered SIM card will connect to the best network ensuring your IoT solution has access to the best coverage wherever your devices are located.

Un-steered SIM Cards are typically what we refer to as Multi Net SIMs.

How does the Iotie Multi Net SIM Card Work?

We operate two options for Multi Net SIM cards which is Soft Steered and completely un-steered.

Soft Steered Multi-Net SIM cards

The Iotie National Roaming Soft steered SIM card is programmed with EE as the Home Public Land Mobile Network (HPLMN). The HPLMN will allow roaming onto Vodafone, and O2 when the HPLMN network is not present

Expected behaviour for the soft steering solution is as follows:

  1. Attempt to connect to last known network from the Location Information/LOCI file (on first power on, the LOCI will be empty & SIM will read the HPLMN). If not available;
  2. Attempt HPLMN (EE). If not available;
  3. Attempt to connect to alternative network from Preferred PLMN list (if device allows). The list will be read if the SIM cannot attach to the HPLMN. The device would attempt to attach to the networks in the order they are programmed EE > Vodafone > O2

    After the first attach, the LOCI file is updated and remains in place unless/until an OTA push message is sent to the SIM to reset the LOCI. You can reset the LOCI to via OTA Push message to enforce a network change via the Iotie SIM Management Platform.

    At what point does the SIM switch networks?

    IOT devices continuously read network strength, the device will attempt a new network when it is unable to successfully send a data session. The point that this happens is device specific and varies depending on manufacturer and sophistication

    Un-Steered SIMs

    The Iotie un-steered National Roaming SIM card allows for connectivity to EE, Three O2 & Vodafone in the UK and is completely un-steered. The SIM automatically connects to the strongest radio signal wherever it is located.

    If specific networks need to be excluded we can create a specific mobile zone to remove those networks from the solution.

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