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Cellular Backup

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Cellular Internet Backup for Business

A backup Internet service over a cellular network protects your fixed line internet connection against a range of scenarios including power outages, fibre breaks, primary routers, and issues with your fixed line ISP’s network.

Cellular Internet Backup for Business

Features and Benefits of Cellular Backup

The iotie cellular backup service is suitable for a range of industries that need failover against a wireless network, fixed line ethernet or fibre broadband and for retailers who need guaranteed internet connectivity for Point-of-Sale transactions.

Multi-Network Access

The iotie cellular backup SIM provides access to a range of different mobile service providers from one SIM card. This means wherever you are located your SIM will connect to the strongest mobile network signal available.

Great Network Access

Our backup cellular connections support both 4GLTE and 5G services to ensure you have the required bandwidth for your network connection.

Fixed IP SIM Cards

Our backup Internet connection cellular service is available with a Fixed IP address perfect for firewalls where you have remote VPN access or require Network Address Translation to your LAN. Learn more.

Great Data Plans

With our unlimited mobile SIMs, you get access to great data plans providing cost-effective backup Internet Access. Alternatively, if the backup is only used for occasional WAN backup use one of our lower data SIMs with email notifications sent when you near your usage limits.

SIM Management Portal

With the iotie SIM Management portal you can order, manage, and gain valuable insight into your cellular backup service and mobile routers status. With automation tools built in to alert you on data plan usage and connection failures.

Cellular Backup FAQs

Is cellular backup suitable for business?

Yes, our cellular backup services are designed to provide mobile backup for business that need a guaranteed Internet connection.

Can you get a fixed IP with cellular backup?

Yes, our cellular backup service supports a Static IP address.

Do the iotie cellular backup routers support DHCP?

Yes, our cellular backup routers support DHCP, VPN, NAT, and WiFi access point mode.

How reliable is the iotie cellular backup service?

With our multi-network SIMs our backup service provides an uptime of 99.9%

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