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Internet of Things for Healthcare

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Internet of Things for Healthcare

IoT solutions for the Healthcare Industry are revolutionising the way providers use and process health information. Working with iotie for your IoT healthcare system delivers access to a suite of IoT connectivity, applications and IoT devices.

Healthcare IoT Applications

The use cases for IoT technology in the healthcare sector are wide ranging and include tracking of medical equipment through a campus, connecting healthcare professionals to real-time patient data and with advancements in artificial intelligence the future of IoT-based solutions has the promise to improve long term patient outcomes.

Wearable Devices for Health Monitoring

Wearable sensors and smart devices can track a patients’ health and vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate and glucose monitoring, alerting the patient and healthcare organizations to potential critical health conditions before they happen.

Tracking of Medical Devices

Tracking medical devices and assets through a hospital or healthcare facilities with the use of RFID tags and a range of IoT sensors provides end-to-end tracking of valuable medical assets and drugs throughout their life cycle benefitting the Healthcare provider from loss and ensuring cost-effective provisioning of additional supplies.

Remote Patient Monitoring

With remote patient monitoring systems, clinicians and caregivers can access a patient’s vital medical data from a healthcare application 24x7x365., allowing Hospitals to discharge patients earlier freeing up vital bed space while improving patient care.

The Internet of Medical Things (IOMT) and Data Analytics

With advances in machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, and algorithms IoT ecosystems promise to enhance decision-making using real-time data to connect vital medical devices together with centralised healthcare data to revolutionise the way we use health data.

Why use iotie for Healthcare IoT connectivity?

iotie work with a wide range of organisations in the healthcare sector delivering demonstratable return on investment in IoT healthcare technology.

Our healthcare solutions

Working with expert partners iotie deliver a range of cost-effective, IoT devices, sensors, mobile connectivity, cybersecurity, and healthcare applications for use in the healthcare sector.

Cloud-Based Management Portal

Our cloud-based SIM management portal delivers an easy-to-use interface for management of SIM and IoT connected devices. Learn more. Learn more.

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