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Connectivity In Motion

Mobile Broadband Advantages And Disadvantages

What is mobile broadband? Mobile broadband, utilises 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile signals to deliver a reliable internet connection for homes and businesses, similar to smartphone connections through a SIM card-enabled device. It’s a viable alternative to fixed-line broadband, offering connectivity options for many households where fixed line broadband isn’t viable or for businesses that…
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Iotie EE IoT APN Details

APN Details for Iotie SingleNet and Iotie MultiNet SIM Cards SingleNET APN APN Name: eem2m Username: leaveblank Password: leaveblank Authentication: PAP MultiNET APN APN Name: ukiot Username: leaveblank Password: leaveblank Authentication: PAP

Teltonika RUT240 APN Settings

How to configure a Teltonika RUT240 APN Settings These configuration instructions are for the Teltonika RUT240 4G LTE router however, all the Teltonika routers (rut2xx, rut9xx) have a similar webui, firmware and functionality and therefore the configuration guide should work for your device but please check your firmware version if you are not sure. The…
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