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Data Pooling

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Data Pooling

What is data pooling?

Data pooling or a pool of data in an IoT network deployment allows multiple IoT SIM’s to use a larger pool of data, sharing the pool between the SIM cards.

A data pool often provides better pricing over single IoT SIM’s where the amount of data per SIM can change.

Aggregated Data Pools

If you are unsure about your monthly data requirements due to the dynamic nature of your SIM estate, you have the option to request an Aggregated Pool. These pools are suitable for both multi-network and single network IoT SIMs. The size of Aggregated Pools adjusts each time a data SIM is added or removed. For instance, if you allocate five 10GB SIMs, your Aggregated Pool size will be 50GB.

Aggregated Data Pool Billing

Fixed Data Pools

If you are aware of your monthly data usage, you have the option to order a Fixed Pool and choose your monthly data limit ranging from 25GB to 10TB. You have the ability to manage your pool and the SIM cards assigned to it. The combined usage of SIM cards within the pool will be monitored against the pool capacity, and any extra usage will be clearly indicated.

What happens if you go over the data pool allowance ?

If you the sum of your SIM estate goes over the allocated data pool allowance you will be charged an overage rate per Mb for any data used. Check the Iotie SIM product pages for our overage rates.

We also offer bolt-on buffer pools that allow you to add on data to your monthly pool allowance on a one off monthly basis if you are reaching or exceeding your data allowance.

How will I know if I am near to reaching my pooled data allowance?

The Iotie SIM management platform has an email alerting option that will email you when you go over 85% of the data pool allocated to your SIM estate.

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