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Teltonika GH5200

Teltonika GH5200


Teltonika GH5200

The Teltonika GH5200 is a autonomous mobile connected tracker for personal security and workforce management

The GH5200 is designed for everyone who performs a job without close or direct supervision of others, for example in healthcare, maintenance, social work
and for lone workers or employees working out of normal working hours.

The GH5200 collects data on workers’ actions over the working day and comes with built in Strong
battery life, high-quality voice communication for emergencies, five programmable buttons, man-down
and no movement scenarios to make the GH5200 the perfect tracking device in lone worker situations.






Alarm button, Man-Down Detection, Home Zone, Amber Alert, Inside Tracking, Movement/No Movement Events, 50 Manual Geofence zones, Over Speeding, Action On Call feature, Real Time tracking, Smart Algorithm of GPRS data sending for GPRS traffic saving, Asset Tracking, Power On/Off event, Event on a Pressed Button, On Demand tracking via button press, Beacon On Demand tracking, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 heart rate measurement and heart rate range exit alerts, Race Mode.

  • Time Synchronization: GNSS, NITZ, NT
  • Sensors: Accelerometer
  • Sleep modes: GPS Sleep, Online Deep Sleep, Deep Sleep, Ultra Deep Sleep
  • Configuration and firmware update: FOTA Web, Teltonika Configurator (USB, Bluetooth)
  • SMS: Configuration, Events, Debug
  • GPRS commands: Configuration, Debug




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