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IoT SIM Starter Alarm Calls 12 Month Contract

IoT SIM Starter Alarm Calls 12 Month Contract

£1.00 / month and a £3.00 sign-up fee



The iotie SIM Starter IoT SIM provides Internet of Things connectivity for machine to machine (m2m) deployments. The starter SIM is an entry level IoT SIM used in projects that only send small amounts of periodic data.

  • Additional data charged at £0.20p per Mb
  • SMS Charged at £0.049p per SMS
  •  2 minutes of voice calls included additional calls are charged at £0.010p per minute UK only.
  • EE Network Connectivity
  • Access to the iotie SIM management portal

Contact sales for IoT SIMs with larger data usage or for pooled data contracts

Pricing is + VAT, 12 Month contract


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